‘This is NOT OK': Mum posts heartbreaking photos of bullied daughter online to spread important message.

US mother Aimee Johnson made a post on Facebook showing her daughter distraught over her alleged school bullies, shares Yahoo 7.

Ms Johnson claims her daughter has been bullied three times on the bus since the family had moved to Louisburg in North Carolina in the last four months.

She says each time the bullying has been perpetrated by the same three boys.

“This is NOT ok,” Ms Johnson wrote in her lengthy and emotional post.

“This is the third time physical violence has happened to her in four months.”

“I’m done! This time her water bottle was taken from her and they hit her upside the head with it! Called her ‘ugly’ and ‘dumb’.”

The mother claims the bus department and the principal of her daughter’s school were notified about the incident and that she was told action would be taken, but it never was.

“My daughter does not deserve this at nine years old by fourth and fifth grade boys! Teach your sons not to hit women! Done,” she wrote.

“This right here is the reason we see so many young girls committing suicide! They are bullied! I’m not going to let this happen to my child again!”

The family have since been having regular conversations about the importance of self-worth and standing up for yourself, American broadcaster WGN9 reports.

“What we have been trying to tell her is that she’s amazing, don’t listen to what these people say about you,” she said. “But even with us saying, that I feel like this is going to scar her forever.”

If you are struggling with ongoing bullying or feelings of not coping please contact Lifeline 13 11 14.

This is certainly NOT OK! We as parents need to teach our children better. We also need to look at more positive reinforcement techniques so children can learn to ignore this non-stop bullying behaviour they seem to face daily.

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  • You get on to the school and you tell them that these boys need to be banned from the bus and that they are not allowed back on the bus until they apologise to this girl in front of the entire school. Tell the school if they wont play ball that you will be phoning the police and getting a legal team involved. That should make them move.


  • Bullying is definitely not OK and should be banned – but the insidious cyber bullying is even harder to control.


  • Not good. It makes you wonder what the parents of the boys are like for them to even think that that would be okay. I am always reinforcing with my daughter if she makes comments about anyone being fat that it’s not nice to talk that way and that it hurts people’s feelings. I hope that she will grow to respect and accept everyone.


  • This is very upsetting. Bullies need to be dealt with greater punishment, expel them if need be, and teaching staff need to have a greater role too!!!


  • We send our children to school and believe they will be looked after. When I was at school any bullying was dealt with either with a rap across the knuckles or, if it happened more than once, a visit to the headmaster and a cane on the buttocks. The bully was then sent home from school and the parents informed immediately. These boys should be banned from using the school bus. I’m so sorry that your daughter had to go through this and the fact that she was physically injured should be dealt with harshly.


  • It seems like we’re in the middle of a bullying epidemic. It breaks my heart every time I read about it. My son was bullied and in the end we moved schools. It seemed like such a punishment to my son at the time, but it was the last straw as the school just were not dealing with it. We need to talk to our children, parents need to parent their children and stop thinking their child wouldn’t! They do. I keep hearing the desperate pleas of parents of the victim and it’s a constant that they’re not getting enough help or support from schools, families, Government, etc. These children are our future and the rates of teen suicide are alarming. We should all be concerned and stop putting our heads in the sand. It can happen to your family.


  • If the bullying is only happening on the bus, DON’T SEND YOUR DAUGHTER ON THE BUS!!! I know that if my child was assaulted somewhere, I sure as hell wouldn’t be sending them back there.
    Change schools, confront the bullies parents yourself, report the assault to the police and press charges! As a parent, you do whatever you have to do to ensure your child’s safety, regardless of how over the top it may seem.

    • Some people don’t have the option to simply not send their kids on the bus due to work commitments! It seems like a simple solution but perhaps not one that is helpful here.


  • Poor child !
    There are always different sides to a story. Schools need to give this far more attention, also at the under laying cause: what’s the role of the bully and whats the role of the victim, what drives a bully to bully and what are good ways to respond.


  • I reckon the parents of the bullies should be called into the school for a meeting too. I know a Mum who went to a school to report that her daughter was being bullied. The staff response that it was her daughter doing the bullying. When she asked why she wasn’t notified about it so she could talk to her daughter about it from that perspective she didn’t get a sensible reply, just a few mumbled indistinct words that weren’t repeated when she asked what was said.


  • Good on her for bringing it into the light. School are going to have to toughen up on bullies to slow down the scourge of bullying being reported currently.


  • And putting it all over the internet is only going to make these bullies worse. It’s the last thing her daughter needs. How much bigger a target is she going to be now?

    • I wouldn’t have made her pictures public indeed!!


  • So sad for this girl. It’s our duty as parents to teach our children respect for others.


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