Victoria Beckham has come under fire over her latest eyewear campaign.

The 43 year old was hit with an onslaught of complaints on Facebook and Instagram after she shared two shots of model Giedre Dukauskaite, 29, wearing a pair of oversized glasses from the Victoria Beckham Eyewear Spring Summer 2018 range.

But outraged parents claimed it was the Lithuanian model’s super slim frame, not the glasses, that caught their attention as they blasted the image on social media.

‘This image is exactly why my already tiny daughter thinks she needs to eat less,’ fumed one upset mother.

‘[I] didn’t even notice the glasses. The model was the focus. Sickly skinny! Beckham should be ashamed promoting eating disorders. Her young daughter is heavier than her models. Shame,’ said one furious fan.

– ‘I’m sorry but this picture is just so wrong. If the model is naturally this slim, then I apologise, however I have a feeling she is not.

– ‘This is not a picture I would want my 13 year old daughter seeing who already says she needs to lose weight at a size 8,’ added one father.

– Another said: ‘Victoria I adore you, but with the exorbitant prices you charge for [your] clothing couldn’t you at least buy this model a sandwich for god’s sake?’

– ‘Get this girl some cake, great role model? I think not,’ said one irritated commenter.

– ‘Beautiful clothes Victoria, but your model looks anorexic. Beautiful girl but doesn’t look healthy.. instead of concentrating on her outfit I’m staring at her.’

– “Please be responsible to impressionable aspects of your audience and use models who look healthy. Whether she’s actually healthy is not really the issue. It’s the perception that she’s far too skinny for her frame but has nonetheless managed to secure such a prestigious modelling campaign that is the concerning factor here. There will be lots of girls and boys looking at this and sadly seeing skinny = successful.”

What do you think? Should we be seeing better role models in ad campaigns this day and age?

Share your comments below.

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  • Some people are naturally thin. I’m not sure in this case whether you can assume she has an eating disorder


  • Some people are naturally very slim. I personally know of 2 people like that, 1 a female. She is tall and very slim like her Dad yet eats a lot of healthy food and the odd not so healthy treat. The guy is also tall and very slim. He has an autoimmune disease so he has to exclude some foods from his diet. He eats plenty of fruit, vegetables and meat. He also has a “sweet tooth” so there is some good quality chocolate products thrown in for good measure. If he eats the wrong food it makes him ill the next day and he would lose weight so he takes no risks


  • Well, she has a beautiful face. I surely love her hair!! :-)


  • Oh dear she is noticeably thin, way too thin in my opinion. To be honest, I don’t think it looks attractive at all, not nice. But she wouldn’t encourage me to buy this brand.


  • The modelling industry has always had models that look this way and the larger size models are not what I consider large size models. It is not a look anyone should want to achieve and to be honest this not a brand that remotely interests me.

    • The price of these glasses is what shocks me!


  • We come all in different shapes and sizes. This model represent just as much a part of society as a rounder model does. Also she might be just tall and have square shoulders and looking thinner then she is in this style of clothing. Beside that more and more people have a bigger size, the BMI has gone up significantly these years.


  • Although I agree that the model is very thin I’m sure that the “look” hasn’t helped. I’m not sure how the image shows off the glasses at all.


  • The model is extremely thin but it’s the type of advert we’d expect as consumers from many companies.


  • I don’t know. That model looks incredibly tall. And maybe, in that special room and with those clothes on, she looks thinner than she actually is.


  • some people are naturally thin, I was and got told constantly to eat a steak, stop judging her on her weight but again on her ability to do her job!


  • I think all models should be natural looking women. Not just size 12 or 14 but women with cellulite and double chins and big noses and crooked teeth and enormous feet. As long as someone out there is making sure these models aren’t starving themselves to get work I really don’t care if they use skinny women.


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