Mum of six, Chloe Dunstan, has defended her sons’ right to grow their hair while questioning why other parents seem to care if they ‘look like girls’.

The Perth mum said she has been approached by parents who think her three young sons will be picked on for their long locks.

But the outspoken mother said it is not her or her children’s problem and that those parents should instead focus on teaching their kids not to bully because she thinks their hair is ‘fabulous’.

Chloe asks, “Why do people even care if they’re boys or girls? There is actually no reason you need to know what a child has between their legs. No reason. At all. My 11-month-old daughter has short hair and sometimes people think she’s a boy.. Guess I should buy her a wig or something?”

LITTLE BOYS HAIR 101 she writes on Facebook.
✨Male hair has the ability to grow long, just like female hair.
✨Sometimes people tell us it needs to be cut off because it’s too heavy, uncomfortable, too hot or unclean when it’s long; if that’s the case, I’m just wondering why we shouldn’t shave girls’ hair off too? Is it because boys are allowed to be more comfortable than girls? And girls should sacrifice comfort for aesthetics? I dunno, you tell me.
✨Some people think my kids will get picked on for having long hair.. So teach your children not to bully people for how they look. That would be a good start. I will never teach my kids that they should change the way they are just to avoid comments from small minded people.
✨Rude comments aside, I have no problem with people simply assuming wrongly that my boys are girls. It happens 99.9% of the time when we are out and I just say, “oh, they’re actually boys” and the kind people say “oh okay, oops!” and the assholes say “BOYS? ARE YOU SURE?” .. Yes I’m sure.
✨Even if my boys “look like girls”, that’s fine by us! Why would looking like a girl be a bad thing?
✨Why do people even care if they’re boys or girls? There is actually no reason you need to know what a child has between their legs. No reason. At all.
✨My 11-month-old daughter has short hair and sometimes people think she’s a boy.. Guess I should buy her a wig or something?
✨Some kids don’t like having their hair cut. My kids don’t like having their hair cut. They get really upset about it actually. I don’t want to upset my children.
✨My 3yo and 4yo boys have told me they want to grow their hair, why shouldn’t they be able to? Imagine your daughter says “I want to grow my hair!” And then you say “TOO BAD” And shave it off while they scream and cry.. Would that be nice? I don’t think it would be.
✨Hair cuts are expensive.. Have you seen how many kids I have? (This is totally a legitimate reason… Not)
✨Thor has long hair, and last time I checked people really like Thor. Thor is cool.
✨My kids are clean, comfortable, kind, healthy, happy and confident with who they are. This is what matters most.
✨Their hair is actually fabulous. ‎longhairdontcare

Do you allow your boys to grow their hair? Why or why not?

Share your comments below.

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  • My daughter doesn’t have a great deal of hair does that make her less of a girl and more like a boy? No, of course not, but more importantly her hair doesn’t define who she is as a person! It’s fair time we stop looking at appearances as a way to stereotype people!


  • I was 6 weeks premature, had no eyelashes, no eyebrows, almost no fingernails. I had a tiny bit of light auburn hair at the very bottom of my head which disappeared within a few days. In photos when I had my 1st birthday I still had only very short hair. Even if Mum put pink clothes on me when they were taking me to something special, a lot of people still asked her how old her little boy was. It was almost 3 years old before I had my first haircut. That was only because some at the front got long enough to fall forward into my eyes. I know a 3 y.o. who hates having his hair cut and screams the whole time. A few weeks ago I jokingly told him he need a haircut – I was the worst person on earth. We even tried giving him a special nickname he liked when he had it cut.


  • All my kids had ringlets up until their first hair cuts. My eldest boy, daughter and youngest son still have very Curley hair but my middle son who had the most gorgeous golden blonde ringlets now has dead straight hair after we were fed up with people thinking he was a girl. It is one decision I fully regret. I think parents should be celebrated for the way they raise their kids and something as growing her boys hair should never be judged.


  • It does not matter – short or long. Ignore comments – who cares.


  • Kids should have input into how they want their hair. My 15 month old is often called a “she” because he has a few curls. His face is masculine. If anything, the 21st century should remind people to not “expect” a certain thing of someone because of their gender.


  • We cut our boys hair.. They don’t have a preference so we stick to short. If they eventually tell me they want it long so be it, but when they are individual to tell me what they want then I am not going to define them by choosing to have their hair long before they make their own choice..


  • At our school boys are not allowed hair beneath the collar.

    • Many schools do have rules about hair length – it is interesting.


  • I have seen some little boys with long hair – I have always wondered why their hair was long but I dont question it out loud because it is none of my business. I think her children are all very adorable.


  • Yes I let my boy grow his hair and I love it ! I hate people making comments as well. Not long ago even a teacher said to my son (10 year old) “mate you need a hair cut”…my son was upset and cried and asked for a hair cut because this teacher said this for all the class to hear ! So now I teach my boy that his haircut or what he wears is his own decision and that not everybody will like it and that that is ok. However i teach him as well not to follow the example of the teacher but THINK (is it True, is it Helpful, is it Inspiring, is it Needed, is it Kind) before he speaks when he would express his own opinion towards other people…

    • That’s quite a nasty remark from the teacher!!

      • It is indeed ! I was ready to go up to the school and tell her the truth, but then used it as a leaning moment towards my kids instead. Reality is they all will be facing negative comments at one point in their lives and I think it’s important to prepare them for that.


  • My boys grow their hair and I let them. They hate hair cuts and I wont force them. In fact my 3 year old is upset his hair isnt very long anymore (he gave himself a haircut after watching mummy) and is on a mission to grow it out again.

    Teach your children to be accepting and kind of everyone no matter how they look and let me raise confident happy children who love who they are


  • I do find it interesting that people say they don’t care what others think and that boys can have long hair too, that it’s no ones business what is between their child’s legs in regards to gender and so on, but when someone accidentally mistakes them for a girl, they are quick to correct them.


  • We let our 3yr old beautiful boy have his hair long because that’s how he wants it, it’s his hair so his choice. He often gets called a girl and we get the comment ” oh isn’t she cute” to which I just say ” he’s a boy who just likes to have his hair long “


  • We let our 3yr old beautiful boy have his hair long because that’s what he wants. He actually has longer hair than his older sister! He often gets called a girl or “isn’t she cute” and I say he’s a boy he just likes his hair long. I think he suits his hair


  • I have 2 boys, i prefer my 3yo to have shorted hair because it tidy and i don’t have to hold him still to comb it. I sometimes let it grow a bit in winter but after a while he gets ‘just got out of bed’ hair all the time and looks sooo messy! My 15mo has cute curls at the back so I’m going to wait a while and ket them grow before deciding. Personal choice. Those boys look geogous either way and will keep or cut as they get older.


  • I see her point of view. I suppose some people might be worried that they might irect kids to the wrong toilet… Or something… I don’t really care wat ther people’s kids do with their hair.


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