When this young boy was fed up with his bully and finally fought back, he was the one that copped the punishment.

An Imgur user called wolverineprostateexams recently posted a story of his younger cousin (gr 10) who had been tormented by a school bully for months, until finally, he decided to stand up for himself.

After being provoked and pushed around one too many times, he ultimately chose to protect himself.


“My young cousin (started 10th grade this year) received a three day suspension for fighting on school grounds. Doesn’t matter that the other kid has a history of bullying. Doesn’t matter that it has been documented that he has been bullying my cousin since the school year started. Last Friday was the final straw. Bully was blocking my cousin from getting on the bus. There is a video of my cousin repeatedly telling bully to move. Bully then pushed my cousin with enough force he trips. As my cousin tries to get up bully kicks my cousin in the stomach and punches him in the face when he tries to get up again. That was the last of it.

My cousin rushed his bully and proceeded to beat the living crap out of him. SRO pulled my cousin off the bully and both are brought to the principle. Parents are called. According to my uncle the other kids parents are demanding my cousin be expelled, even after seeing the video of my cousin being kicked and punched on the ground. My uncle compared them to Harry Potter’s aunt and uncle. Principle announces both students will receive a three day suspension. My uncle makes it clear he will not be punishing my cousin and the three days will be leisure days. This pisses of the bullies parents even more. They tell my uncle if my cousin goes near their son again they will sue him. My uncle tells them if their son goes after my cousin he’ll just get his ass kicked again and to leave them alone. ” via imgur

The school has a zero-tolerance response and proceeded to give both the bully, and his victim, the same punishment for fighting: A three-day suspension.

The victim’s family certainly weren’t about to punish their son though.

“My uncle makes it clear he will not be punishing my cousin and the three days will be leisure days,” he wrote on Imgur.

He added, “He defended himself and I’m proud of him.”

Do you think both students should have been punished?

Share your comments below.

  • If the school has a zero tolerance then why wasn’t this bully punished a long time ago. Especially when it was reported to the principal. The bully should have been the only one to get punished. Actually the parents of the bully should have been told that their son had better stop or risk getting expelled.


  • If they have a zero tolerance on bullying, then the school should have put in some measures about this child. Good on him for standing up for himself and I love his father’s stance on it!


  • really your cousin was using self-defence. Had he not he might have been seriously injured by the bully. The fact that he was kicked in the stomach he could have been in critical condition. He could have got concussion or in a severe case head injuries. The boy who kicked and punched him should have got a week. it could well have been classed as assault causing bodily harm by the police. At least there is video evidence shwoing that the bully started it. Maybe your cousin could have been given a day off to recover.


  • How ridiculous! The kid should be congratulated! I would definitely be taking the same stance, especially considering how long it had been going on for. How long should the poor kid turn the other cheek? I guarantee that the bully will think twice about touching him again. Sometimes bullies just need to be put in their place.


  • Definitely not! The victim should not have been punished! With video as proof, what the hell was the school thinking to exact the same punishment on both?! The bully should have been expelled!


  • I am glad he stood up for himself.


  • My husband & I also told our son (7), we would not punish him if he retaliated against an annoying kid(s).. he puts up with & let’s kids push him around as he’s not a fighter, so is worse off.. I’m sure one day he’ll put a stop to it & we’ll get a phone call..
    It’s starts from a young age & has to stopped then, but it’s the Parents that are the cause.


  • That’s the problem there’s no justice for the kids being bullied, that’s why bullying continues in our schools, teachers and principals have a lot to answer for! Where are when a child is being bullied on school grounds or otherwise? I believe the victim should not have been punished as he was defending himself from the bully. As for the bullies parents they need to open their eyes to see what a horrible child they’ve bought into this world. Teach him right from wrong before it’s too late for their son.


  • These stories are way too common. I am so sorry for the victim and his family that they had to go through this. I am sick of bullies and their parents taking no responsibilty, and I am sick of schools not managing the situation. Not a fair outcome, but good on this Uncle who makes it quite clear of his support for his son. I can’t believe with video footage that this was the outcome the school reached. Just disgraceful.


  • Good on him. We often tell children to the bigger person and walk away but sometimes you have to make a stand. Take the 3 day punishment but know that you were in the right!


  • This sucks – kids that bully and have a record of bullying should be required to undergo assessment with the school psychologist to ascertain the underlying reasons as to why they are bullying – it has to stem from somewhere.

    In this article the fact that the bully’s parents think they have the right to sue, just shows me what type of people they are and how they have taught their child to believe he/she is entitled to everything even if doing the wrong thing.

    I think the Uncle in this case is just in making them 3 leisure days- I would be proud of my kids if they stood up to a bully for themselves or for their friends. Bullying is just a low petty thing that makes bully’s feel better about themselves.

    I think schools should have a policy where the first time a person is reported for bullying everything gets recorded and filed away – parents get notified, second time – parents get notified of the second incident, bully gets a formal warning and assessment by the school psych (or a psych gets called in from the education department), 3rd time – parents and kid see the pysch – kid gets suspended from school but not in the sense that the bully goes home for 3 days of video games – I think this is where it also falls down – I think the suspension should be 3 days suspension but the kid is still made to go to school and has to do crappy jobs like rubbish pick up with a teacher at recess and lunch, learning is done with a teacher one on one so they cannot retaliate to the kids in the classroom – something needs to change to make sure all our kids are safe at school


  • This doesn’t seem fair, though I can kind of see what the school was thinking.


  • That is so typical.


  • I have a huge hatred of bullies, being bullied myself whilst at school, and that was a long, long time ago. It appears as tho nothing has changed. In reply to the bullly’s parents saying that they would sue, I’d be right back at ‘em, with video footage that they wouldn’t be the only ones doing the suing. It makes me ashamed that the school did nothing about it, but actually punished both kids. That does sweet nothing for the kids ideals. The bully gets the same punishment as the other, and the other ends up with a sense of grave injustice. Lord knows where that can end up in time!!! Mom93946


  • No I don’t think both kids should have got the same punishment. This poor boy only fought back after months of torment from the bully. It’s all been documented, even this las incident where the bully punched and kicked first. The bully should be suspended and the other boy left to attend school without fear. End of story


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