Mum shares warning about the dangers of escalators after her two-year-old son’s terrible injury.

Andrea Diaczok, her husband and their young son Julian were at the Vancouver International Airport on their way back home to Calgary. They were halfway down the escalator when Julian’s little shoe became stuck between the side railing and the stairs.

“His whole boot basically disappeared,” Ms Diaczok told the Calgary Herald. “The teeth bit onto his toe midway … I started screaming for help.”

Ms Diaczok said that since they were in the middle of the escalator, neither she nor her husband could push the emergency stop. By the time the escalator stopped moving, they were only a few steps from the bottom.

The mum said she was prepared for the worst. “I didn’t even know if his foot was there … I didn’t know if there’s only a stump there at this point,” she told the Herald.

“It twisted his leg around and broke his leg and then the entire foot of the boot disappeared in the side of the escalator,” she said.

A photo of Julian’s shoe shows the mangled remains of the child’s rubber boot completely shredded by the metal teeth of the stairs.


The mum said she has always taught her son to be safe on escalators.

“He hops at the top, he hops at the bottom. We make a game of it, ‘Don’t touch this part, always step over.’ But I’ve never heard of (getting stuck) in the sides,” she said.

While Julian suffered a broken leg and some bruises, Ms Diaczok said her son was lucky to be wearing boots, which helped protect his foot. She said she can’t imagine what would happen if someone were wearing sandals.

Crocs and gumboots are both quite dangerous to wear on escalators as THIS mum explained when she shared her sons story.

Late last year a family of a toddler injured on a moving walkway called for better safety measures – Read more HERE.

A UK mum also shared a warning after her five-year-old son suffered horrific injuries when his shoes were caught in an escalator. Read more HERE>

We are so glad he is OK!

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  • Oh my. This is very scary. Poor little man


  • Very scary experience for the child – but hello – what was mum doing? I never let my children off the middle of the escalators – jump on, jump off and STAY IN THE MIDDLE was our motto always.


  • He must have been so scared. I’ve always been wary of escalators. Even now I’m very nervous about them.


  • Gosh, I’m glad he will be ok but what a scary experience.


  • I’ve always found escalators a bit scary.


  • I personally don’t like escalators. It is so easy to think you have your feet on the step properly then as the steps move you find you haven’t. I had a fall on one a few years ago. Fortunately somewbody was able to help me get up before we reached the bottom


  • Oh goodness, that is very frightening.


  • So scary ! Escalators are dangerous !


  • Wow this is a good warning on the dangers of escalators.


  • How terrifying for the family. Fortunately is did not take his foot off.


  • Very scary. I was always taught to be careful on escalators and will teach my kids the same thing. They are not toys. But I guess even when you are really careful accidents can still happen like in this case.


  • I don’t love escalators myself and was always very aware on them when with my child. This is a terrible accident and one that most would not be aware could happen. Awareness is key and I think more people will be mindful of this now. Such a terrible and frightening accident.


  • absolutely terrifying! The poor family will be scarred for life!


  • What a scary experience. We need to be extra-careful on those escalators. It could have ended up so badly!!


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