Breastfeeding is a very personal journey that can vary from one mum to another. We asked our experienced MoM’s what they wish they knew before they started their journey.

Breastfeeding is certainly the best way of feeding your baby. We know that breastmilk provides the perfect nutrition to match your baby’s needs for growth and development.

Colostrum, the fluid your breasts produce in the first few days after birth, helps to protect your baby from infection.

Positioning and attachment come naturally to many babies and mothers, but many need time and practice to get it right.

Each child is different, but a young baby can feed eight to twelve times in 24 hours. Your milk supply adjusts to your baby’s needs, so it helps to feed whenever your child is hungry.

However breastfeeding doesn’t always come easy and some mum’s just can’t do it at all for many reasons.

We asked our MoM’s what they wish they knew before they started breastfeeding

Lisa shared, “I wish I knew that not everyone produces enough milk.”

Meg shared, “That’s its not easy. That if you have a complicated birth then this can effect your milk supply and not to wait.”

Michelle recommended, “Lansinoh and putting breast milk on your nipples is gold.
Lots of rest and fluids or no milk.
Nipples shields just incase you need to let your nipples heal.
Relax your shoulders or no let done.
Great posture is essential for a good latch.”

Veronica suggested, “To prepare little snack packs and always have a bottle of water. Breastfeeding is hungry/thirsty work and newborns can feed so long and reguarly early on.”

Trez warned, “Be prepared, after all the exposure of birth… random ladies will manipulate your breasts and place them in your baby’s mouth. This will happen while your still in shock of labour/new baby etc.”

Veta shared, “I wish I knew how uncomfortable some people make you feel about breastfeeding in public even though I covered up.”

Samantha encouraged mums by saying, “Do not be embarrassed to use the lactation services/counseling that is offered by the hospital. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t right.”

Melita recommended, “Buy every button & zip up top & dress you can find BEFORE bub arrives … Shopping for these things after is a nightmare. Buy even the ugliest tops & dresses because you won’t care when the time comes.”

Shana said, “Not to feel pressured into it, a fed baby is a happy baby.”

Sarah added, “That if you can’t breast feed, it’s ok!”

Sammie warned, “That your baby can become dehydrated while exclusively breastfeeding because it turns out your supply isn’t great. Even though they eat on the hour; EVERY. HOUR.”

Many mums shared how much it hurts and that it can be very hard work.  “Just because it’s “natural” doesn’t mean it’s easy.”

If you are struggling and need some support please chat to your health care provider or contact the Aust Breastfeeding Assoc on 1800 686 268 or email their counselling service.

Some great advice. Thanks MoM’s for sharing!

What else would you add?

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  • It is possible to have plenty of milk but very little nourishment in it. I know one Mum who had that problem, even ate a special diet hoping it would help. The Dr. had the milk analised and that is what they discovered. A friend of my Auntie had the same problem many years ago. Constant breastfeeding almost nonstop but the baby gained no weight and cried all the time. Her milk was tested too.


  • One of my most cherished times was breastfeeding my babies, such a special bonding time-would go back to those days in a heartbeat.


  • Amazing how our breasts produce milk after child birth. I think too many women doubt their bodies ability to produce plenty of milk. I’m sure that this doubt effects our supply. Women should trust their bodies and their boobies !


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