It’s become one of the most-streamed titles in the world, and attracted countless awards, but Australia’s beloved animated series, Bluey, isn’t adored by all.

In fact, there’s an undertow of disenchantment from some parents who feel the show is a bad influence on their children’s behaviour, much like the accusations levelled at Cocomelon.

Of course, at Mouths of Mums, we ADORE Bluey. We’ve written about everything from Bluey cakes to Bluey pasta and even censored Bluey episodes. But in the interest of balanced reporting, we thought we’d dig around and find out exactly why some parents don’t just dislike Bluey – they HATE the show!

Here are the reasons we discovered:

The Kids Walk All Over The Parents

According to some parents, Bluey, Bingo and their friends are a cheeky (and even downright mean) to their parents.

“I don’t like how the kids walk all over the parents – it’s not healthy, not for anyone. Also, I don’t like Bluey the character – she’s not very nice, all her games at heart are playing at making life difficult for others for no good reason. I find her one of the least likeable supposedly sympathetic characters in kids’ TV.”qlohengrin

“I hate Bluey and Bingo so much everything about them makes me mad especially their horrible laughs that are played like a thousand times during a single episode as well as them constantly taking advantage of their parents and getting almost no punishment.”Leading-Air-6746

“Our family enjoyed Bluey, but I did have to watch the episode with my kids because Bluey and her sister often talk back to their parents or say things that aren’t out of good behaviour, and the parents let the kids get away with it. We noticed our girls would pick up bad behaviour after watching Bluey. So if I can watch the episode with them, I can tell them what was wrong for the kids to do. I wouldn’t recommend this show for kids to watch on their own.”Devan B

The Characters Are Mean And Rude

Other parents believe many of the characters, including sisters Bluey and Bingo aren’t that nice.

“The characters are extremely rude to each other and don’t care much for each others feelings. Like yeah there’s moments where they’re really nice and stuff, but I feel like overall they’re rude. It upsets me greatly to watch Bluey or see so much about it. Of course people are okay to like it, I’m not saying it’s a bad show. But the characters are extremely rude.” - TnyLizardBab

“The daddy’s constantly being bullied because everybody calls him a bit silly, a bit stupid, a bit crazy, a bit whatever – nobody listens to him. He gets disparaged quite a lot in the show. He laughs about it, but actually, it doesn’t make for very pleasant watching as an adult and the parents just do whatever the children want most of the time, which again, isn’t really real life.” Sophie Giles, child behaviour expert.

It’s Boring


Some parents say they just can’t see why so many people love the series, because they find it dull and boring.

“It’s dreadful. Like a poor-man’s Peppa Pig. The dad is a grumpy bastard. It’s like he has a hangover or something. It is incredibly boring. Am very disappointed as I liked the idea of a female protagonist. I like that Bluey doesn’t have eyelashes to show the audience she is female. But ugh. So dull.” - Hag4life

Bluey And Bingo Are Naughty And Whiny

This is one of the main reasons we discovered – parents are concerned that their children will begin to mimic what they perceive as ‘bad’ behaviour by some of the characters.

“The whining, the never ending amount energy the parents have, the coddling, and Bluey being a huge asshole to Bingo 90% of the time is too much for me to handle. I hate this show.” - baseballnoble

“I really don’t get the hype. First of all the kids all seem so so whiny and annoying. I guess I get the trying to emphasise communicating your feelings but to me it seems like it’s allowing kids to be soft and sensitive. I think you should be allowed to feel your feelings but you also need to toughen up a bit because the world is mean and won’t always accommodate you.”earthvvorm

It Sets Up Unrealistic Expectations


One of the biggest bugbears parents have is the fact that Bandit and Chilli are always so willing and have so much time to play with their kids. Although others have levelled the argument by reminding them that these episodes are just seven minutes of the Heeler family’s day!

“It kinda sets unrealistic expectations of how much energy/time/effort we can put in to playing. I have a 5 yr old and a 7 week old – we can’t drop everything to play with her. Also, the damn screech-laughing. My daughter forces it and I’m not here for it, especially if her baby sister’s just fallen asleep.” - shoo-closet

“The kids basically rule the house and are a mess. Those pretend and role playing games are so obnoxious. Seriously, I thought the dad was a stay at home parent and mum was the working one just by the amount of time he plays with kids and does nothing else. I’ve never done it growing up and I’d rather die than do it with my kids.”ryo4ever

The Accents

Really?! We have to agree to disagree on this one. It’s about time the world had a good dose of Aussie!!

“I highly dislike it. I don’t like the constant whining and the accents… Tried 2 episodes and had to tap out. Gimme Daniel, Peppa or Paw Patrol anyway.”MissChickasaw

What do you think? Do you love or hate Bluey? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  • My kids (7, 5, 2) love Bluey. The only episode I’ve ever had an issue with is the Fairy one where Bingo keeps interrupting Dad while he is on a work call and he growls at her. The entire episode is everyone making it up to her, she was in the wrong not Dad. Other than that episode I am a fan. My kids play like Bluey and Bingo and so far have never asked me to play, they are happy and capable playing together. The parents that have a problem with Bluey are most likely the ones who have never played with their kids and this cartoon makes them feel guilty. They probably need reminding that dogs do not talk and the show is 100% made up


  • I’ve actually not met anyone that doesn’t like Bluey?


  • We all love Bluey and most of us are not in the age demographic intended, but hey, nothing wrong with it. If it’s not your cup of tea, dont watch it, plenty of things to choose from. I have learnt some fun games and approaches to things from the show….they’re definitely more keen to play games than I am, but then again, I’m parenting solo. Each episode has a lesson of sorts and bad behaviour does get called out, so I dont personally agree with the comment about it being a bad influence. TV shows dont replace parents, and kids talk back regardless of the shows they watch, it’s up to us how to handle it. If you think it’s a bad show, that’s your right and your opinion. Me, I love it.


  • Interesting points of views there. We don’t have bluey in the house, the youngest is too old for it now. But I’ve only every heard good things


  • We enjoy bluey in our house and often all watch it together. But its simple enough to avoid if you dont want to watch it, or want your kids to watch it.


  • Personally I don’t know the show, but think when you don’t like the show then simply don’t watch it…no need to go on negatively about it. It’s impossible to please all.


  • There will always be some criticism of shows, but the best role models are you, your children’s parents. If you show them a good model, then point out that TV is only make believe, then everyone will win.


  • Oddly enough my gr 7 and all her friends love it? Their are constant requests for larger sizes blues clothes


  • No TV show replaces parenting. It takes a community, of which Bluey should just be one small influence. Not aligned to your parenting approach? Then don’t allow it. Simple.


  • How sad that also cartoons get criticised! Bluey nooooo !


  • Not one thing will be everyone’s cuppa tea. Don’t like? Move on! ???? no need to whinge like they are claiming the characters do. there are plenty of other kids shows (much worse! Like telletubbies….) for them & their kids to watch.


  • Unless your kids were watching a LOT of TV, surely one show can’t hurt much.


  • Lol imagine the cartoons I used to watch as a kid were aired today.


  • These comments in the article seem very nitpicky.
    I personally don’t watch cartoons at all but have only heard good things about Bluey.


  • Isn’t there always someone who doesn’t like something?


  • Hahahaha…. Really? How can anyone find Bluey annoying and hate it? I know, end of the day, not everyone will be a fan of every show. Personally, we love Bluey as it has a moral/principle in every episode that sure helped show our kids that what we have been teaching, also Bluey’s family does the same. So its been a win win for us.
    Im glad Bluey came along cause I couldn’t stand Peppa Pig as I found she was always rude… And Cocomelon drove me nuts!

    • Aggreed!!! Not sure how anyone can think Bluey is rude compared to PeppaPig!!!?!


  • Not everyone is going to like a show but this one is more or less split down the middle. I’ve never watched it and never will. I always put Sesame Street on for my boys when they were little. At least that taught them things. By the sounds of the comments though, I don’t think I’d let my Great Grandson watch it.

    • Wow Tessie, you have a great grandson ? How special !


  • Wow. Such mixed responses. Sorry, but I’ve never watched an episode. I now have a grown son but I know how popular it is with friends and their families. Each to their own I guess. But just remember, it is only a TV show.


  • lol no show is going to please everyone. I love how people complain about another countries accents, get TF use to it.
    other than that, its just another colorful quick show for kids to watch.
    why do people get so upset over such a riduclous small things in life is beyond me


  • Someone will allways hate everything. But next to Peppa Pig theyre nice to each other.


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