November 1, 2023


Composed creatures who don’t let much get under their skin, Scorpio babies are sensitive beings who love to form close relationships and are far more clever than you will ever know!

Astrologer Debra Underwood is sharing her extensive knowledge and insights into the characteristics of children born under each star sign. She explores their personality traits, how to help them spark joy, and ways that we can help and challenge our little stars.

Want to tune into the energies of the children in your world, and discover something new as you Explore their Sun? Join me each month as we follow the Sun’s loop of the Zodiac. As with Libra Sun Child last month, this month we explore the characteristics of the Scorpio Sun Child.

Scorpio Sun Child

Astrology Signs (5)

Scorpio Sun Sign dates for 2023 (October 24th – November 22nd)

As a curious parent, it’s important to know that the dates and times of each Sun Sign can vary slightly from year to year. If your child is born on, or close to these dates, a Birth Chart can accurately decipher their true Sun Sign. The time and location are also valuable details. For example: The Sun moves into Scorpio close to 3:30am on October 24th 2023, Sydney, Australia time. Birth Charts are coloured with vibrational influences and angles that add flavour to your Child’s Sun Sign expression.

It’s also interesting to note that each Sun Sign has its own Symbol, Element and Ruling Planet. They synergize and flow through your child’s character. Scorpio is the 8th sign of the zodiac, so let’s begin by delving into the energies and personality traits of Scorpio Sun Child, followed by helpful tips to guide, support and spark their joy. Is a SCORPIO SUN CHILD hiding under your loving wing?

Scorpio Sun Child Symbol: The Scorpion 

In astrology, the symbols are representative of the energy and characteristics of each of the twelve signs, which mostly derive from Ancient Greece, Rome, and as far back as Babylonian times.

Your Scorpio Sun Childs symbol is The Scorpion.

When it comes to gauging the astrological symbology of The Scorpion, consider these fascinating qualities; A keen sense of surroundings with an undertone of caution, The tendency to retreat to far corners of new environs, Sensitive to light, they are capable of navigating darkness using only starlight, The ability to detect vibrations and undercurrents like no other, striking their formidable tails when threatened! A smouldering presence giving off a magical glow – under black light, the waxy coating of the Scorpion illuminates with fluorescence!

Have you noticed your Scorpio Sun Childs composure through challenges and complexities? Do they react strongly from provocation?

Along with the potency and heightened inclination of the Scorpion, the Symbology of your Scorpio Sun Child ties in closely with the Serpent and the Eagle.

Here’s the thing. The Eagle can be tenacious and fearless, has unblinking eyes that see what others miss, is a stalwart mate and devoted nurturer. Majestic. The Serpent sheds its skin for renewal & regeneration, and has venom that can both poison and heal. Powerful. All three Symbols tied into the burnished essence of Scorpio glean an intoxicating formula of nuanced perception, tenacity, transformation and healing.

I’m sure, as your Scorpio Sun Child grows, you’ll be intrigued to see if their nature aligns with their Symbology. Suggestion: Never count a Scorpio out!

Scorpio Sun Child Element: Water

Interestingly, Fire, Earth, Air and Water are known as the four elements in astrology. Each element belongs to three of the twelve zodiac signs.

The four elements relate to different aspects of the self and Water relates to instinctual feeling. Its nature is responsive through emotion and inclination, and is the element for Scorpio. Scorpio shares the element of Water with Pisces and Cancer. The three signs possess
individual qualities based around their element, and when grouped together have a common thread of compatibility within the zodiac.

Your intuitive little water babies are attuned to closeness, sentiment and intrinsic sensitivity. They’re the cherubs mixing their expansive emotional range, happy tears and tanties into the playtime pot. True to the element of Water, and akin to the Sun’s rays, they soak up the vitality of a bath or shower like food for the soul.

At play, they’re usually the mainstays at the water park, with your Scorpio Sun Bub demonstrating an all or nothing approach on the slip n slide! Don’t be surprised to find the natural magnetism and allure of your little Scorpio drawing their watery friends into secret confessionals. Intriguingly, their calm focus has a talent for poignant inquiry, and their self possession has a knack for not giving too many of their own secrets away!

Have you noticed the element of Water streaming through your Scorpio Sun Child?

Scorpio Sun Child Ruling Planet: Pluto

Over time, each sign has been allocated a Ruling Planet. From an astrological perspective, the zodiac signs and planets in the Solar System were matched up, largely based on their thematic relationship to one another.

As you tune into the powerful energy of Pluto working its magic through your Scorpio Sun Child, consider that its aim is to make a profound difference, and to promote growth through the richness and depth of life experience. With a flavour of taking its investments as far as it can,

Pluto wants to rebirth, regenerate and transform.

As you foster your Scorpio Sun Childs radiance, factor in the powerful conglomeration of Water, The Scorpion and Pluto.

Combined with the Scorpion’s sensitivity to undercurrents, and the fluidity of Water and emotion, Pluto deep dives into the subconscious, into what’s hidden under the surface of life and pulls it up to the surface. Pluto aims to eliminate fear, suspicion and secrets so that it can vibrate on a level of trust, renewal, liberation and empowerment. It represents beginnings, endings, and rising in the face of adversity. Supernatural can play a part too.

Does your Scorpio Sun Child have a penetrating stare, through eyes that are deep and still? Do they take emotion and feeling to the edge, retreat, then materialise transformed? Are they drawn to the cupboard under the stairs? Curious to see behind the closed door? Do they like to change things for the better? If so, they’e living true to the main objective of their Sun Sign, as they take ownership of their Ruling Planet Pluto.

Scorpio Sun Child Personality


By now, you’re sure to have gained a true sense of your Scorpio Sun Child’s energy. As their Sun Sign is their life force and expression, enjoy this list of character traits that may ring true as you see your Scorpio Sun Child at their most luminous.

  • Loving
  • Intense
  • Alluring
  • Psychic
  • Focused
  • Powerful
  • Enduring
  • Shamanic
  • Perceptive
  • Passionate
  • Transformative
  • Deeply Emotional
  • Intuitive and Insightful
  • Private and Mysterious
  • Tenacious and Determined
  • Penetrative and Investigative

Any light bulb moments?

Ok, I’m ready to deep dive! Time to shake off superficialities and cease living on the surface of life! Ghost Tour, Tarot Reading, Truth or Dare, Moonlight Dip with a significant other, anyone? I’ve got my black dress, red lip and elixir ready so check your dms for an invite to my “How to host a murder” dinner!

How To Spark Joy In Your Scorpio Child

Enjoy taking in these Hot tips for the healthy expression of their life force.

  • See them light up as you plot and plan a treasure hunt. Compile a stack of clues for your pocket sleuth but don’t make them too easy. Creepy Crawlies aren’t welcome, so craft up some caution signs to divert from long grass and big rocks beckoning to be upturned. Find somewhere to bury loot and watch your incy Scorpion get a glow up as they dig deeper than a Dachshund. If the hunt extends to inside, be clear as to what’s off limits, or they could surface with more than you both bargained for! Speaking of hunting, they can be very sentimental, with an appetite for family secrets!
  • Bask in their brightest light with a double pass to a Cosentino Show or a visit to a Magic Shop. Something about the transformative mystique of your Scorpio Sun Child tells me they’ll be fascinated by the ins and outs of the power of illusion. They’ll be chuffed to gain inside info on what goes on behind the curtain, and find ultimate delight in keeping you guessing with their covert trickery! If the spotlight doesn’t appeal, your Scorpio Sun Child will happily volunteer to pull strings behind the scenes.
  • Enlighten their innate need to feel in control of life with loads of room for empowered choice. It’s Be mindful that unless it’s a jump scare, random surprises aren’t usually their thing! Try inviting your Scorpio Sun Child into daily planning for reciprocated flow. Their inclusion and input may even brighten YOUR day with things you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Watch out for the switch up, as your Scorpio Sun Child can be crafty. One minute you’ll be tending to life admin, next minute you’ll be in the hypnotic hold of their husky little voices reading a mystery novel!
  • Channel their Water with a ferry ride to the seaside. Being around water is a fantastic mood regulator for your Scorpio Sun Child. Watch as the salty freshness hits their face and therapeutically washes away any evidence of the grumps! The natural force of the deep dark ocean is apparent to this water baby, so a splash on the edge will satisfy until they know what they’re working with. For your Scorpio Sun Child, goggles will offer visibility into the unknown, and with or without flippers, they’ll be swimming in no time.
  • See them shine as they give their all to passions, competition, and anything they choose to sink their teeth into. The word “hobby” won’t get a look in with the level of commitment your Scorpio Sun Child brings. They’ll radiate 110% at the helm of anything requiring a steady mind, hand and nerve. Being in control of creation from the outset, with a say in every ingredient and formula will see them shinier than shiny too!

Fill their happiness cup with Cluedo, Guess Who? and Hide & Seek in the dark! Don’t forget a notebook with an invisible ink pen for your budding Detective. A microscope for your Forensic Scientist. Operation board game for your Smallfry Surgeon. (Batteries must be included) If this isn’t their thing, you may discover their natural joy in numbers. With trust at the top of their list and numbers a sure thing, counting and calculating, will see their cup runneth over! Be the instigator of luminous laughter with anything that’s a little edgy or off limits. True to their sign, it’s sometimes a mystery as to what tickles their funny bone, but they are clever and switched on, so if it’s peppered with a pinch of sarcasm you could be on the right track! Your Scorpio Sun Child will love the emotional release a good laugh brings. There’s usually a noticeable pause before they burst into lols, then it’s the kind of giggle that says “when you know, you know”, and it will be hard not to join in!

Ignite your Scorpio Sun Child’s instinctive wisdom and transformative power with anything that needs training, taming or changing. Their emotional depth, insight and staying power is the perfect recipe for helping humans, animals, or anything they’re passionate about, reaching its true potential. Unfortunately the appeal of taming their bedroom or playroom might take a back seat unless you have them believe it was their idea!


Did you know that in Astrology, from the day you are born, your life force, energy and expression is largely determined by the Sun’s position in the Zodiac? The Sun represents life and illuminates the world around us. It is the largest star in the Solar System, and its energy vibrates and adorns you with the flavours and characteristics of the Sign you were born under.
Your Sun Sign, also known as your Star Sign, represents your core personality, and how you shine through life. It’s where you are at your most luminous. From an earthbound perspective, the Sun takes one year to complete a circuit of the Zodiac, and spends approximately four weeks in each of the twelve signs.


Scorpio Sun Child Mum Inspiration

A few extra tricks up your sleeve as you look to the Sun for a Super Mum boost!

Challenge your Scorpio Sun Child to fearlessly share inner burdens with you. Emotionally, they hold cards close to their chest, and you may find, for them, demonstrating vulnerability equates to giving over the personal power that provides them security. Respect this, but know they are at their best through close bonds, and even if you don’t swim in the same waters, offer yourself up as an emotionally alive confidante entrusted to their deepest feelings. Open a safe space for a heartfelt offload, drop by drop. With a little bit of “mumlight” breaking through the darkness, they’ll arise with the vibe of having touched the warmth of the sun for the very first time.

Support your Scorpio Sun Childs instinctual intelligence and suspicious nature. Your Sixth Sense Babies can be cautious of strangers or anything mysterious until trust is established. Adjusting to new people and experiences may take time, as they aren’t particularly fond of anything random that could threaten or unsettle their security and control. Heads up, they have insincerity and manipulation on their radar. They’re savvy with face and voice reading too, so support them with sensitivity, confidence and reassurance.

Encourage your Scorpio Sun Childs instinct for knowing what they want and going for it, then buckle up as your young deep diver pushes things as far as they can. They’ll work their magic with self empowered tunnel vision, surfacing with a bucket load of incredible results. Here’s the tip. Do your best Mumming and keep an eye on things, as although incredible results don’t come without commitment, a heavy going, highly concentrated effort can sometimes obscure knowing when to stop! Moderation might just be the key word in this instance, so good luck!

Guide your Scorpio Sun Child through “childhood” with a splash of protection and a sprinkle of honesty. Your Minute’ Miner of the zodiac can pick up on the light and dark of grown up issues before they need to. Taboo subjects will definitely pique the interest of your Curious Cuties as they leave no stone unturned in attempting to uncover anything subterranean. Don’t be shocked if they know more than expected. They just can’t help it! In the meantime, do your utmost as their time will come!

Approach without fuss, a good amount of warning, and a little bit of your own trickery. Warning: They’re clued into blackmail and manipulation and your Scorpio Sun Child won’t like to be rushed or forced into anything that doesn’t align with their own power, control and choice. The
enduring nature of this sign means they can be set in their ways too. Good for staying power, not so good when you’re in a hurry! Helping others gets them moving if it hits an emotional nerve.

Stimulate their authentic joy by surrounding them with kindred spirits who are loving, trustworthy and honest. Your Scorpio Sun Child will soar in company where meaningful, shared experiences allow them to feel safe in authentic vulnerability and potency. Side note: You might not read this in a book, but my close observations tell me this sign is renowned for losing their keys/toy, rallying the help of others through body language, then miraculously finding them. See who’s left in a pool of sweat and who’ll be moving on with a seamless transition! That’s deep sharing at its best!

Tackle their profound sensitivity with love, care, and heed. When your Scorpio Sun Child feels hurt or betrayed, their vibe can reach fever pitch on the storm brewing scale. Nastiness isn’t at the top of their motivational compass, but their emotional memory is next level. If anything of sentimental value gets lost or broken, your compact undercover operative may be compelled to stealthily take things into their own hands. It’s important to note that for Scorpios, optimum learning comes from those they see as stronger, so get your best Mum diversion tactics on, and steer them in the direction of positive intention, forgiveness and inner peace!

Inspire your Scorpio Sun Child to be creative with their natural talent and innate understanding of metamorphosis and regeneration. If an ending occurs, inspire them to shake off fear through the gift of new beginnings. Being spurred on by this, with their undivided focus and emotional fortitude, will see them move mountains personally, and for others. So along with embracing the new, positive intention, and a do or die mantra, the world is their oyster!

Scorpio Sun Child Playlist

dirtgirl - Dig it
Lorde – Mood Ring
Matt Corby – Brother
Detective Theme Song – Pink Panther Theme
Bjork – Anchor Song

Scorpio Sun Child Quote:

“I don’t write my music for Sony. I write it for the people who are screaming down the road crying to a full-blast stereo.” Jeff Buckley

Shine Bright, Scorpio Child

As your Scorpio Sun Child grows, watch them thrive as they comfortably own their powerful desire nature, permeating rays of emotional expression with flowing, empowered ease. Follow their lead with verklempt vitality and a visceral depth that runs deeper than the deepest ocean.
As your child’s greatest mentor, equipped with the added point of view of their Sun Sign, you can light the pathway to their true happiness potential and trajectory of spirit!

I look forward to you joining me next month as we continue our loop around the zodiac, exploring Sagittarius Sun Child.

Love and abundant sunshine, Debra✨


Debra is a Certified Modern Astrologer from Sydney, Australia, specialising in children’s birth charts. An astrological messenger, Debra offers interpretive pathways, and positive insight into your child’s abundant, evolving growth potential. Debra’s heart space finds joy, wonderment and enrichment from the unguarded, natural expression of children. Being a mum further ignites her innate desire to champion the unique qualities, and astrological signatures of the precious little gems in our lives.

Debra’s lifelong connection to Astrology, finds her invested in sharing the deep and significant awakening a reading can bring. Drawing on her vast observations and years of tuition, she guides you in celebrating and supporting your child’s individuality and luminosity. It’s intrinsic to know your child, and to add a sprinkle of stardust can be enlightening. Connect with Debra at Mini Signet.

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