While three children is actually the most stressful number of kids to have, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for it. Or does it?

According to a poll conducted by the Today show. Three is more stressful than one or two, and four (or more) is reportedly less stressful than three! Crazy right?

If you’re thinking about adding to your family, here is a list of pros and cons about having three kids:


  • Endless love
  • Hand-me-down clothes and toys
  • There’s always a tie-breaker
  • More hands on deck
  • Built-in friends
  • A wide safety net
  • Your love continues to expand with each one
  • Every child is so different and unique
  • Third baby is often so much easier
  • You’re too busy to care about mummy wars, “mom fails” and mummy shaming
  • You are also way too busy to helicopter parent

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  • You have more kids than hands!
  • You can’t just order one pizza
  • You can’t give anyone a ride
  • Constant triage
  • You’re outnumbered
  • Family discounts are pointless
  • Someone is always too young or old for something
  • Middle child syndrome
  • You need a minivan and a bigger house
  • Holidays are a costly nightmare
  • Anyone rarely agrees on the same movie, TV show, game or family outing
  • First child has albums of baby photos, third child has computer pics only
  • Bedtime is a nightmare!


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Watch below comedian Romesh Ranganathan share the joys of having three kids…

So are you going back for number three?

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  • I had 3. I wanted 6 but my husband wanted 2 so he said he would meet me half way and have 3. Years later he said that he wished we had had 4.
    I had 3 girls and I am very glad that I did.


  • Stuff ‘research’. Each to their own.


  • I originally thought I’d like to have three, but I can assure you after going through the second pregnancy and labour while still having a very active number one child, I am happy with my two.


  • I am the parent of an only child so I can’t relate. However, I have a couple of friends with 3 kids and it means holidays are more expensive and tricky in terms of what size rooms and how many to book. Their lives are so busy running around after all of them with their sporting and social activities. They have no time for themselves. All rules have gone out the window with the 3rd child – they get new things, more updated things, get away with things. The rules seem not to apply or are lax. They’re just my observations and stories from listening.


  • My sister had 4 and my niece is expecting her fourth now.


  • I always wondered if we should have a third – I think I will just stay with the two that we have


  • This is just a poll, you can’t generalize.
    I had for a year or so 3 kids, then went to 4. I found 4 significant more stressful. It will also depend on your kids. When you have children with a special need or condition, then this could be more stressful.


  • The negatives of having three are sadly accurate. I wouldn’t swap them, though.


  • Ha. I didn’t even go back for a second!


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