This man may not live to regret sharing his opinion on epidurals and childbirth.

The unnamed father has hopefully learned an important lesson after weighing in on how a woman ‘should’ give birth.

Nicole Cliffe shared a comment posted by a man who’d witnessed his wife give birth to two children without having an epidural.

“Women don’t NEED them at all. Never have. Since we only started using them in modern medicine,” the father wrote.

You can imagine the response!

Just a couple of replies below:

– “My wife would have died in childbirth twice without necessary surgical intervention, but what do I know? —guy who held her hand in surgery.”

– “My wife wanted to do natural childbirth. I supported her. Then halfway through 37 hours of labor the pain became unbearable, so she got the epidural. I supported her. 2nd child, straight to epidural. What do I know; she was the one in pain. –Guy who could only hold her hand.”

– “I’d like to break both of his legs and then tell him that he doesn’t need pain medication because they didn’t have it in olden times.”

Last year another dad dared to claim that “the pain of childbirth is a myth and it’s really just all in our heads due to fear and anxiety.”  The response he received was pretty brutal!  Read more here.

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  • He made a very broad statement.. every situation is different


  • I never needed or wanted an epidural or any other sort of pain killer when I gave birth to most of my children and it wouldn’t have helped in the other time, but by husband had one when he was having cancer surgery and he couldn’t walk properly for 8 months and had loads of physio because it was incorrectly inserted.


  • I didn’t need an epidural either but I think this man should really not be commenting on stuff he hasn’t experienced for himself


  • I know a Mum who was given 3. None of them went in the right spot for one to work. All she got from that failure 5 years ago is back discomfort in that area which is still an issue occasionally. Prior to that she had never had a back issue, not even while pregnant.


  • Sounds to my that his wife was pretty lucky to have relatively easy childbirths, but what do I know ?


  • Well… by writing such a statement what did he expect? The fact that it functioned that way for his wife, doesn’t mean it’s an option for everyone!


  • everyone has a different experience and pain tolerance, I didn’t need it for my “natural” births but that was more fear of a needle in my spine than anything else!


  • Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. But this is one that he really could have kept to himself and not shared on social media. It was bound to upset some people.


  • It’s one mans opinion based on only 2 birth son of his own children. Why are we so upset about it? Just cos his wife was lucky enough to avoid an epidural doesn’t mean it’s the same for all women. We all have different pain thresholds and different births


  • People have too much time on their hands if they feel the need to reply to everyone’s opinion. Whether I agree with an opinion or not, I move on.


  • The dr who did my husband’s vasectomy told me the pain of the local anaesthetic for my husband is actually worse than the pain of childbirth, because childbirth is natural and a needle in your ballsack isn’t. When my child literally tore my vagina in half is certainly didn’t feel very natural. Men are idiots.


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