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Gifts for a 15 year old girl

I would love ideas of Christmas gift ideas for my 15 year old daughter. She loves all things makeup but has plenty she...

15 Answers

Notebook/Diary for fun facts about friends

I’m not sure what this is called and I can’t find one, but my daughter had one when she was about 10. It...

12 Answers

140kg & pregnant

Hi, has anyone been pregnant before being in the higher BMI bracket? (I am 140kg). Looking for advice and hearing how your pregnancy...

18 Answers

Moderate ASD Diagnosis.

We have been told our son has Asd. (Moderate). What kind of supports will / should we use through NDIS? Thanks.

5 Answers

Violent autistic son

Hi all, I have a very violent boy who is 8 years old. He is on the spectrum with other connecting disorders. His medications...

8 Answers

Blow up water parks

Blow up water parks for kids, any pros / cons? Are they worth the money and get lots of use?

6 Answers

Yeti drink bottles

Does anyone use kids yeti drink bottles? Sick of the bbox straws and cleaning now the kids are older. Worth the money?

11 Answers

AIW for reporting my child’s teacher?

My daughter is in Year 7 and she came home upset last week after her teacher told the class that Santa, the Easter...

35 Answers

What is a good career choice for a mum?

With my youngest off to school soon, I’d love to look into a career change but it also needs to suit school hours....

23 Answers

Cubby house!

What brand cubby’s, pro tips to look for. Chrissy present needs to be ordered.

10 Answers

Seeking ‘Low Residue Diet’ Dinner recipes. Pos...

My son has a bowel condition and requires basically a low residue diet. There are some other factors...

7 Answers

Teachers Gifts – When did it become a thing?

Hi! I’m a 30 year old FTM. I’ve only had my bub this year but I’ve noticed a lot...

31 Answers

Teacher gifts

What is an appropriate amount to spend on a teacher gift? This is my daughter’s first year at school and has two EA’s...

9 Answers

Breast pump recommendations

Currently pregnant with my 4th baby, but it’s been a while between babies (8 years by the time this little one arrives). I...

18 Answers

Has anyone used the toddler night light?

The ones that show it isn’t time to get up yet. Little one is 2.9yrs and trying to get her to sleep through...

8 Answers

What are gifts for teenage girls?

They have so many things and I want to buy things that don’t just accumulate and sit around. What are some ideas for...

24 Answers

Has anyone developed an allergy to bees as an adul...

I was unfortunately stung by a bee on the weekend, my lip is very swollen! I have seemed...

9 Answers

Best clothing labels.

I’d like recommendations for the best clothing labels. Ones that are clear and actually stay on.

10 Answers

How much do you spend on school friends birthday p...

I try to cover the cost of the price per child at the party venue which is usually...

33 Answers

How to stop 5 year old thumb sucking.

My son will be five in two months and still sucks his thumb, I feel like I’ve tried everything, like the nail polish,...

9 Answers

Tween’s mum

Hi Mums, I want to ask your opinion. I have been married for over 4 years and I have 11 year old girl....

9 Answers

Is life meant to be hard?

My kids are no longer babies. (aged between 17 & 25). They are all home, and we have a big house. Hubby and...

12 Answers

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