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140kg & pregnant

Hi, has anyone been pregnant before being in the higher BMI bracket? (I am 140kg). Looking for advice and hearing how your pregnancy...

18 Answers

Uneven Crease in 8m olds leg

Hi everyone, I have an 8 month old. We had an MCHN appointment today and she said that she has one crease that doesn’t...

9 Answers

Yeti drink bottles

Does anyone use kids yeti drink bottles? Sick of the bbox straws and cleaning now the kids are older. Worth the money?

11 Answers

Toddler tantrums

Hi mums, My son has just gone 18 months and begun having constant tantrums. They are mainly with me and triggered especially when I...

19 Answers

Best advice you could give a FTM in the first few ...

Hi mums. I’m a FTM to a little guy who has just hit two weeks old and was...

23 Answers

Fitting it at work after maternity leave

I returned from maternity leave to a position I had been in for approx. 7 years about 12 months ago. Whilst I was...

8 Answers

Best bubblebath for excema skin

My toddler loves his bubble baths but has eczema so we rarely have them as a lot of bubble baths flare it up,...

9 Answers

Can you get a bulk billed vasectomy?

Located in Melbourne. Due to costs wondering if vasectomy available in hospital bulk billed – and if so current wait times?

12 Answers

Breast pump recommendations

Currently pregnant with my 4th baby, but it’s been a while between babies (8 years by the time this little one arrives). I...

18 Answers

What to take to the hospital as a birth support pe...

My daughter has asked me to be at the birth of her first child. I am super excited...

18 Answers

Has anyone used the toddler night light?

The ones that show it isn’t time to get up yet. Little one is 2.9yrs and trying to get her to sleep through...

8 Answers

Sleeping tip!

We had two 7-7 sleepers but the last 6 weeks they have both been up multiply times a night. We are exhausted, 15...

6 Answers

Speech delay

Does anyone have a toddler with speech delay? We are through NDIS and see a speechy and OT but does anyone have any...

14 Answers

Travel recommendations with 7 month old?

Driving – 3 week round trip.

12 Answers

How do you transition baby from contact napping?

My son will not sleep unless he’s skin to skin with me or in my bed. He hates...

11 Answers

Spelling of our little girls name

Our little girl is due in 3 weeks, and I think we’ve decided on the name Maddison/Madison but we’re torn on which way...

45 Answers

Bath toys that don’t go mouldy?

I noticed yesterday that my daughter’s bath toys have gone mouldy! Does anyone have recommendations on bath toys that don’t get mould?

15 Answers

High chair suggestions!

I am so indecisive and want to make the right decision when it comes to high chairs! I want to spend the money...

23 Answers

Going from one child to two?

How did everyone take the jump from one child to two and how did you toddler take the transition. Did you introduce them...

28 Answers

I’m freaking out – My 20 year old is pregnant...

This evening our eldest ‘child’ announced that she is pregnant. She lives at home with us and is...

12 Answers

11 month old restless sleeper

Please don’t judge. My 11 month old is really struggling with sleep! She sleeps in her cot from about 6-10 most nights and...

13 Answers

Sizing advice

My one year old has a size 4 head, but 0 legs. Any advice on getting unusually sized baby or kids clothing?

21 Answers

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